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Kambo Practitioner Frog Medicine Ceremony Cleanse Circles and Treatments Nottingham, Midlands

Are you looking for a Kambo session in Nottingham. I offer an authentic, professional service at your location.

Kambo Circles and kambo for Retreats Nottingham

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To book a Kambo treamtent in Nottingham please click the following link to make an enquiry > Kambo Booking and Price, Cost Nottingham

Kambo treatments available for Nottingham and surrounding areas including:

The Arboretum, Nottingham
Aspley, Nottingham
Bakersfield, Nottingham
Basford, Nottingham
Beechdale, Nottingham
Bestwood Estate
Bestwood Park
Broxtowe, Nottingham
Bulwell Hall Estate
Carrington, Nottingham
Clifton, Nottinghamshire
Creative Quarter, Nottingham
Dunkirk, Nottingham
Forest Fields
Highbury Vale
Highfields Park, Nottingham
Hockley, Nottingham
Hyson Green
Lace Market
Leen Valley
Lenton Abbey
Lenton, Nottingham
The Meadows, Nottingham
Nottingham city centre
Old Basford
The Park Estate
Radford, Nottingham
Rise Park, Nottingham
Sherwood Rise
Sherwood, Nottingham
Silverdale, Nottingham
Snape Wood
St Ann's, Nottingham
Strelley, Nottingham
Top Valley
Campuses of the University of Nottingham
Whitemoor, Nottingham
Woodthorpe, Nottinghamshire

Kambo Spirit

IAKP Practitioner / Teacher



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I offer the safe provision of Kambo as a highly-trained IAKP Practitioner and Trainer with a purpose to serve your needs. Kambo is not to be approached lightly, nor in ignorance or disregard for contraindications and your own safety. Please do not avoid clinical diagnosis, conventional medical practice, tests, assessments and procedures.