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My name is Bradley and I had my first Kambo session with Bryan this year.

I've always had bad circulation, especially in my hands. I looked up online about Kambo and found some particularly interesting stories about how people have used Kambo to alleviate similar bodily problems. I came across Bryan offering Kambo ceremonies and was very interested as I have tried many other things and nothing has sufficed.

I was very anxious on the day of the ceremony but Bryan and the setting cetrainly put my mind at ease.

I was expecting some sort of intense pain and discomfort as the Kambo was applied but was suprised to find that the experience was far from painful or discomforting. As Kambo entered my body I could definatley feel it's intentions where nothing but good and as it seemed to settle in it pinpointed my hands and immediatley travelled down my arms to work on them.

It was certainly an intense experience but as the Kambo spirit left my body I could feel internally an improvement had been made. Immediatly after the experience I had what felt like enhanced vision and a great sense of wellbeing. It is difficult to put into words.

In the following weeks I noticed my circulation had vastly improved escpecially since it was getting cold outside my curculation problems would start to surface however they have been completly non-existant.

Overall I was completley awe-struck by the whole experience and would certainly recommeded to contact Bryan if you suffer from any similar symptons.

Bradley - Engineer and Musician

After suffering with Lymes Disease I contacted Bryan for a Kambo treatment and travelled to the UK. After the kambo healing I feel much better. My headaches and bad mood dissappear and my bones have stopped hurting much .

Monika - Lubin, Poland

I took a Kambo treatment with Bryan alongside Monika as we both suffer from the effect of lymes disease. After kambo my symptoms are much better. I feel calm and my headaches have stopped. I can sleep normally at night and my bones stop hurt that much.

Magdalena - Poland

I'm more calm and feel good:) Normaly at this seson im ill, cold , flu,but I'm healthy. I have more energy and I am more sensitive for energys.

Beata Kozinska - Poland/Nottingham

A big thank you to Bryan at Kambo Spirit. You reset my spirit and body today with the medicine of the jungle. Onwards and upwards brother.

Gary - Liverpool, UK

Thank you for the Kambo, it was a very powerful experience for me but a pleasant one.

You really made me at ease and I thank you for that.

Take care and will prob meet again in the future.

Andrew S. Bradford

Thank you for coming and doing a Kambo ceremony with me.

I really appreciated the medicine and will do it again.

Robert M. Glasgow

Overall today i feel very balance and relaxed.

I want to thank you again!

Looking back i can see how well you understand kambo and glad you was there.

Peace bro!

Paul W. Warrington






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