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The Legend of Kambo

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The Origins and Legend of Kambo

The Kaxinawá or Huni Kuin people of Brazil once became very ill and the Shaman or Pajé tried everything he could to help them.
The Pajé tried many herbal medicinals but nothing worked to heal the peoples agony.
He took the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca and entered the forest where the spirit of the plant communicated with him. He was brought a frog and taught how to use it's secretion to heal his brothers and sisters.
When the Pajé returned to his tribe he followed his visions working with the frog he was able to cure the sick people.
From that day the tribe named him Pajé Kampu or Kampun.
After Kampu's death the spirit of the frog lived on where it continues to protect and heal those who defend the forest.
The frogs secretion is known as Kambo.

Kambo Spirit

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