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For the current list of IAKP Kambo Cautions and Contraindications please contact me.

It is imperative that a client does NOT consume more than 5 litres of water during a session due to the risk of Hyponatremia.
How to prepare for your Kambo session:

Due to the large intake of water consumed during a Kambo treatment, the body's electrolyte balance can be disturbed. Therefore it is important to rest, eat and drink afterwards to bring the body back into balance and allow it to restore homeostasis.

Please do not eat solid foods, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs for 8 hours before treatment.
Fluids are ok including light fruit or herbal teas.
Do you not consume more than 2 litres of liquid before treatment.
You will be required to drink an additional 2 litres of water directly before I apply your points.
People attending should wear layered, loose clothing.

If you asthma please bring you inhaler. If you are diabetic please bring extra food, insulin and your test strips.

Please ensure you have something comfortable to sit on such as a cushion or pillow, a blanket and warm clothing and also 2 litres of water. The water is for drinking directly before I apply the Kambo points.

Before treatment starts I will talk and explain all aspects of kambo and what to expect.
After completing and signing off a treatment sheet I will initially provide a Kambo test point on each person to be treated. The purpose of this is just to check for an adverse reaction. It is extremely rare and in 99% of cases I can then go ahead with the full treatment.


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I offer the safe provision of Kambo as a highly-trained IAKP Practitioner and Trainer with a purpose to serve your needs. Kambo is not to be approached lightly, nor in ignorance or disregard for contraindications and your own safety. Please do not avoid clinical diagnosis, conventional medical practice, tests, assessments and procedures.