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Kambo Caicuma Drink

Kambo Manioc Cassava Caicuma Drink Yawanawa Katukina

In the Yawanawa and Katukina tribal traditions a drink called Caicuma is used instead of water before a Kambo ceremony. The tribal peoples say water brings Kambo just to the stomach whereas Caicuma helps kambo reach all parts of the body. Caicuma could also assist by absorbing and pulling more toxins from the body too.

What is Caicuma?

Caicuma is a thin soup-like drink traditionally used before Kambo and can be prepared using cassava, sweet potato or corn and water. Sometimes a plantain or two is added to the mix.

Cassava is a brown root or tuber with a white fleshy interior that comes from a woody shrub called Manihot esculenta that is native to South America. Cassava is also known as manioc or yuca. Cassava is rich in starch and also contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

Traditionally tribal women make Caicuma by chewing and spitting vegetables into a pan which causes the drink to ferment.

How do you make Caicuma for Kambo?

To prepare Caicuma in a Western way (no spitting!) for a Kambo session the cassava root, sweet potatoes and plantain are peeled, chopped and boiled in a large pan until soft and mushy. This normally takes around 20-30 minutes. Once soft the ingredients are blended to a smooth soup like consistency and water added to thin out for easy drinking.

Kambo Manioc Cassava Caicuma Drink

1. Peeling Cassava root for Kambo Caicuma

cassava manioc drink kambo

2. Chopped Cassava and Sweet Potato

caicuma cassava manioc kambo

3. Boiling Cassava, Sweet Potato and Plantain for 20-30 minutes

blending cassava caicuma kambo

4. Blending vegetables for Kambo Caicuma

Caicuma is a great alternative to water for Kambo and many people I sit with report they like it much better than plain water. It is easy to drink, coats the stomach and makes purging smoother. Caicuma is packed with vitamins and minerals and acts as electrolyte so overall its the perfect drink for a Kambo ceremony.

If you would like to experience this traditional Kambo drink then just let me know in advance when booking Kambo and I'll make some fresh for you.

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